KAMCO is originally conceived by Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. (KAIC), as a central government and state government joint venture, who promotes agro-based industries in Kerala by manufacturing farm equipment, machinery & implements required for mechanized farming. During that time the demand for agricultural machinery rose tremendously and Govt. of Kerala decided to separate the manufacturing wing of KAIC to form KAMCO in the year 1973. This was the beginning of KAMCO.

The head office and first manufacturing unit of KAMCO at Athani in Ernakulam District of Kerala started off with a single product: the Power Tiller. The know-how was through a technical tie-up with Japan’s Kubota Corporation. The Power Tiller is a multi-utility machine that can be used for many agricultural applications such as tilling, ploughing, weeding, pumping, puddling, leveling, spraying, hulling and transportation. Soon farmers took KAMCO Power Tiller to their farms and hearts, thanks to the superior quality performance and robust nature of the product. The unprecedented success of the first product meant that KAMCO had to expand its manufacturing capacity, and the company started its second unit at Kalamassery where Engines were made. KAMCO could not rest on its laurels as a successful multi-unit corporation as the demand for its product kept on rising higher, leading to the formation of the third manufacturing unit at Kanjikode, Palakkad, for Power Tiller production. That was in 1995.

As natural offshoot of its growth process, KAMCO focused on expanding its product range and technology upgrade. This led to the development of the Power Reaper, a versatile harvesting machine. The production started in the Kalamassery Unit in 1997. A fourth manufacturing unit was opened in Mala, Thrissur in the year 2000 to increase Reaper production.

Again, product development was an ongoing process with KAMCO, and the company brought out the low smoke 12 HP DI Engine in the year 2005. When this innovative product was fitted to the power tiller the new Super DI Power Tiller was born, soon to conquer farmlands.

In 2010, a compact, lightweight Power Weeder/Garden Tiller with 4 HP Petrol Engine suited for horticultural applications entered the bouquet of KAMCO products. In the same year, a compact 16 HP mini tractor for dry land applications was developed in collaboration with M/s. Barbieri SRL, Italy.

The regular expansion of manufacturing units continued with another, the fifth, manufacturing unit of KAMCO at Valiyavelicham, Kannur District, in 2014. New additions to the product range included Brush Cutter and Engine Water Pumps in the following year. A small handy machine fitted with a 1 HP petrol engine to remove weeds from paddy fields, called a Paddy Weeder or Cono Weeder is the latest addition to the product development range.

Besides new products, KAMCO continues to develop accessories and implements suitable for increasing the utility and durability of its machines.