KAMCO's production empire expands to 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing units across the Southern Indian state of Kerala. All these units employ stringent quality control and testing measures at every stage from procuring raw materials to the finished product.

The registered head office at Athani, besides being the administrative command, also manufactures Power Tillers and Tractors. A second unit, at Kalamassery, established in 1992, makes Diesel Engines. The third and fourth units are at Kanjikode, Palakkad and Mala, Thrissur respectively, in 1995 and 2000. Power Reapers are manufactured in these units. The 5th manufacturing unit was established in 2014 at Valiyavelicham, Kannur. The 6th unit for manufacturing tractors is also set up at Athani.


  • Assembly line consists of:
    • Engine Assembly Line
    • Transmission Assembly line
    • Tiller assembly line.
  • Transmission and Engine assemblies are converged to the Tiller Assembly Line where finished final power tiller is produced.
  • Stage inspection and testing in between different work stations, engine testing, etc. are effectively monitored for extensive quality checks at each stage, to produce excellent quality products as per standards.
  • All sub-assemblies of Power Tillers are inspected for conformity with specifications.
  • All the Engines are tested at assembly for RTA norms to ensure Engine Emission Standards.
  • Automated Modern Conveyor system Assembly line for Tractor Production.
  • Well-trained mechanics and supervisors ensure the quality in various stages of assemblies.
  • The management thoroughly monitors and co-ordinates the works to achieve maximum performance without any compromise in quality of the product.
  • The Reaper is assembled in four Assembly stages.
  • Engine Assembly: At this stage Engine and Gear Box are assembled and running tests are done.
  • Assembly line-1: This is the first stage of Reaper chassis assembly where Engine-gear box assembly, Bevel gear box assembly and conveyor chains are fitted to the main frame. Then whole assembly is tested for running before passing on to the next stage.
  • Assembly line-2: At this stage the sheet metal components, guide rods, Star wheels, cutter assembly, etc. are fitted and tests are carried out.
  • Assembly line -3: This is the final stage of Reaper production. Here the Chain Case for transmission of power and Wheels are fitted and required tests are done.

KAMCO an efficient network comprising of 50 dealers catering to the needs of customers. Commitment of the workers to make a difference is what sets KAMCO apart. Special training sessions, product familiarization, demos and bi-annual dealer meets are conducted to keep them updated with the new products and their functionality.

Manufacturing Units




Quality Mantra

KAMCO's workforce breathes professionalism. They bend over backwards to ensure cent per cent quality in every aspect of their work. This commitment translates to superior, flawless products. We have a network of over 80 dealers, and we conduct bi-annual dealer meets, special training sessions, product familiarization demos, etc. to enhance value addition to the end customer. Together we practice the Quality motto to continuously raise our bars, thereby enabling hundreds of thousands of satisfied and happy customers.