Quality Assurance

  • Well-equipped latest inspection and testing facilities as per ISO standards for tiller and reaper products at factory and vendors' sites.
  • Third party audit at Vendors’ site to ensure manufacturing process as per quality plan, process lay out, etc. which improves quality of components and self-certification status to Vendor.
  • Power Tiller variants are tested as per norms from approved Govt. institutions like SRFMTTI and CFMTTI for minimum performance test standards, emission norms, safety regulations, etc.
  • Engines are tested at ARAI as per latest exhaust gas emission norms according to CMVR regulations.
  • KAMCO's policy is to equip itself with modern inspection and testing equipment.
  • Quality standards for each and every components and products have been established and ensured by close inspection at factory as well as at our vendor sites.
  • Vendor performance and their manufacturing facilities are also being periodically assessed.
  • The components are being checked for Quality Assurance by well-trained and dedicated inspectors.
  • 100% final product inspection is carried out.